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Meet Cody:



I met Cody through Tay, in Ireland in August 2018. It’s been cool to have the two boys there together really amped on surfing and always spreading good vibes!

I was at first impressed with Cody’s surfing. A well dosed mix of power and technique ! But it is then his personality that made me want to follow him. Cody is a very kind person with a lot of empathy and a really altruistic personality.

Cody, why did you start surfing ?

« My brother actually got me into it. Well I saw him surfing and I naturally wanted to be just like him, I was idolizing him you know as we all do with older siblings. But then, as I grew up it became something I really got into for my own self, my happy place. »

Why do you surf ?

« I use surfing as my catharsis, I evacuate any frustration and bad vibes when I jump in the water with my board. I think I am one of those humans who are naturally drawn to the ocean. It is my happy place and has been since young. I think being brought up by the sea created or changed something in my perception of this « blue infinity » and made it a lot more than just water salt and sand. I surf all conditions really, I am not picky. I enjoy a perfect 4 ft Offshore day, but I love surfing so I put up with onshore two foot waves when I have to, you’ll still see me frothing. »



Why will you keep surfing ?

« I don’t really ask myself this question to be honest, it is only natural to keep surfing for me. I mean it’s my true love, my purpose of life. I wake up to it, and every time I can have a look at the sea I do… It’s my passion. »

Do you have new goals in surfing ?

« Being a surfer, I think, is naturally making me want to travel. I want to see other waves, other cultures, meet other people.

I try to always live life to the fullest, as if everyday was my last. It sounds a bit cheesy but as I grow up I am realizing how lucky I am to live the life I live . I am a very positive person and I get a lot of satisfaction out of my friends successes. I try to always push people, encourage them to realize themselves and be the best version of themselves. »

What’s your favorite manoeuvre?

« Barrel riding, no doubts, just for the feeling it gives me. »


Who inspired you as a surfer ?

« I have watched so many DVDs of Mick Fanning it definitely impacted me . Today I still love how Mick surfs, but I also look up to Julian Wilson. »

What’s your favorite wave ?

« Snapper. Big or small, onshore or offshore. I love that wave!

Although my heart is probably on the kaikoura (NZ) coastline where I learnt to surf proper waves . (Meat works, graveyards, Maungamaunu …) »

Is there things you dislike while surfing?

« Not really.. oh yeah, I don’t like angry people.. I wish we could all realize we are only playing with waves and having fun. I try to send them good vibes, and it just make me realize how happy I am to be in the water. »

Prize List:

  • 5 South Island (NZ) Tours over 5 years (more than 20 wins)
  • 2012 O’Niel Kaikoura Cold Water Classic




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