I think any surf photographer like to shoot waves. Isn’t it what we always shoot ?

As far as it goes I try to shoot the waves when someone is riding them but I realized lately that a surfer is not always needed to highlight a wave. It seems like it can be almost purer without anyone on it !

I started then shooting the waves on their own! It is funny how the size of the waves become hard to guess. It’s like our markers gets a bit blurry.

Some are black&white, some colors.. let me know which ones you like !


Prints are available, just contact me to get a pricing as it all depends on the size you want.


Those shots are all from DBah Beach, a few days before cyclone Oma offshore winds and a growing swell at high tide made it absolutely beautiful




This is actually the first wave shot I successfully took ! It is at the bottom of greenmount hill and the wave must be about a foot high .



I took this shot in snapper at the beginning of Cyclone Oma, It is probably the most intense session I experienced at this stage. As much as I swam in Kirra 8 ft without really feeling endangered I was fully feeing the danger in Snapper that day. The current was dragging towards the rocks and sets were getting bigger . I got caught under a set fairly close to the rock and got kinda shaked. It was really when I saw that massive spray coming out of this pit that I thought about how hollow it was !


As I said, I was constantly getting dragged behind the rock, this wave was really breaking far behind it . I have chosen this shot as I like the colors on it, and the shape of the wave that looks so powerful. For those reasons I kept it on colors and did not make a black and white out of it.


For this one I fully extended my arm and shot without targeting. I was just seeing that this lip was going to throw and I thought that it could maybe look good . Colors are as close as I could from what I was seeing . This session was funny as the cloud cover was sometimes getting pierced through by the sun, but most of the time the light was fairly poor. The little bit of light on the peak and the spray is what I like there.


To be honest I do not remember exactly where that wave was . It is around Kirra anyway. I cannot remember if it is before of after the rock wall though. This shot was taken Saturday morning as cyclone was hitting our coasts . That day I wished I was shooting with a zoom instead of a prime lens.The drag was so hard that I was almost never in the right place at the right time. I guess a 24-70 would really be the ideal lens for surf photography in bigger conditions.  Or with more money and network a 70-200 and a Jet ski .


As all those pictures are taken form a similar angle I thought I would add a picture that shows a bIt more of the wave . As I watch this picture I struggle remembering the actual size of this wave. I guess it must have been 4 or 5 ft Kirra.


Thanks for watching / reading, I hope you liked those pictures. They are all available for prints.